A Christmas Spider’s Miracle

Written by Trinka Hakes Noble
Illustrated by Stephen Costanza
Sleeping Bear Press September 2011
ISBN: 978-1-58536-602-6

Long ago in a faraway place there lived two mothers.  One, a humble peasant woman who struggled daily to provide for her children.  And the other, a mother spider who also worked hard to care for her family.  And, although they may appear as different as night and day, these two mothers had more in common than would first seem.

One bitterly cold, bleak Christmas Eve their two lives and stories intertwine like gossamer threads stitching together a quilt.

As the only holiday gift she can give her children, the peasant woman goes to the forest to get a small tree, never noticing that someone has made a home among it branches.  During the night the mother spider repays the gift of shelter, resulting in a Christmas celebration that neither mother will ever forget.

Based on an old Ukrainian story, acclaimed author Trinka Hakes Noble crafts an entirely original and heartwarming tale of kindness, compassion, and the grace that can be found in the true spirit of Christmas.

“The story unfolds smoothly… with lyrical, dramatic text. An appealing story with a magical aura spun by the shimmering illustrations and memorable story.”
– Kirkus Review, September 2011

“Enchantingly told, the story is enriched by the visual magic of colorful, textured compositions.  An excellent choice for lap-sit reading or group sharing.”
School Library Journal, October 2011

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