Four Legends

Written by Trinka Hakes Noble
Illustrated by Doris Ettlinger
Sleeping Bear Press, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-58536-611-8

Long, long ago there was a time when mankind did not venture into the deep ocean waters.  It was believed that the world was flat and to sail beyond the horizon meant falling off the edge of the earth.  Yet, they were drawn to the ocean.

Far below the ocean’s waters lived mysterious and magical sea creatures, half girl and half fish.  These shy, gentle creatures were called mermaids and were much loved by the ocean.  And when people finally overcame their fear and ventured out to sea, risking disaster and even death, it was the mermaids who came to their rescue.  This imaginative legend explains the origin of sea glass, that treasured, collectible gift from the sea.

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Written by Trinka Hakes Noble
Illustrated by Gerald Kelley
Sleeping Bear Press, August 2013
ISBN-13: 978-1-58536-837-2

The Pine Barrens in New Jersey has long been a place of mystery, with its dark pine groves, black swamps, and dank bogs.  Reputed to be haunted, it’s an unsettling place. But of all the mysterious happenings and sights in the Pine Barrens, none are as intriguing as the Jersey Devil!  Since its first sighting in 1735, local lore has it that a “devil-like” creature with the boney head of a horse, the wings of a bat, and the hooves of a goat has caused all manner of trouble. Trinka weaves a spellbinding tale of the origins of the Jersey Devil. Illustrations by Gerald Kelley bring the tale to spooky life.

“A delightfully spooky picture book rendering of the famed Jersey Devil legend. Suspenseful, with captivating illustrations.  (Picture book/folktale. 6-10)” – Kirkus Review, June 2013

“…few of the Jersey Devil origin stories are as delectable as this one. Much like the story of Sleepy Hollow, the folktale’s plotlessness contributes to its authenticity and spookiness. Kelley’s scarily exaggerated, under lit, and perpetually frightened villagers make nicely fearful foes for our fire-breathing beast. Ideal for Halloween.”  – Booklist, July 2013

New York State Reading Association Charlotte Award Nominee – 2016

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Written by Trinka Hakes Noble
Illustrated by E. B. Lewis
Sleeping Bear Press, 2007, ISBN 978-1-58536-279-0

At the southernmost tip of New Jersey is Cape May and its sparkling sandy beaches. Formed by melting glaciers thousands of years ago, the Delaware River flows from its headwaters to spill into the Delaware Bay. For thousands of years, fragments of quartz rock have ridden the river, plucked from the mountains lining its banks, and dazzling like gemstones when tossed onto Cape May’s sandy shores. These “diamonds” link the state’s past and present. Delving into the natural beauty of New Jersey’s famous coastline, Trinka has crafted a wondrous tale explaining the origin of the Cape May Diamond.

“Perfect choice to enjoy at the Shore.” – The Star-Ledger

“Eye candy tome to dress up any coffee table, and serve as pirate’s treasure for generations of beachcombers. Ahoy!”  – Philadelphia Magazine

Whether you’re on a road trip, or spending a day at the Jersey shore, The Legend of the Cape May Diamond will inspire kids (and parents) to make the most of every vacation day.” – New Jersey Family Magazine

The Legend of the Cape May Diamond is for anyone who’s ever picked up a pebble wondering, ‘Where did this come from?”‘ It’s the story of small stones that wash up on the shores of Cape May looking very much like ‘diamonds’, and the story of the Lenape Indians, who were concerned with the future of the earth and mankind.” – New Jersey Lifestyle Magazine

• Delaware Diamond State Award Nominee 2008-2009 and Keystone to Reading  Book Award List 2008-2009

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Written by Trinka Hakes Noble
Illustrated by Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen
Sleeping Bear Press, 2006, ISBN 1-58536-278-6

“Long long ago, the ancient peoples of the forest gathered around their warm bright fires and told the tale of a time long past, when the land of Michigane was covered with thick heavy ice. They called it the Long Night of the North Wind.”



For thousands of years, the cruel North Wind ruled the land of Up North so no one, man nor creature, could live there. But thousands of years is a long time to go without a visitor, so when a Little Warrior from the South and an Old Warrior from the East ventured into the land of Michigane, the North Wind just may be ready to relinquish his icy hold. Or maybe not.

Trinka pays homage to her home state in this creative and inventive legend of the origin of the state of Michigan.

• Finalist for 2006 Great Lakes Book Award

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